Corinne “Been” Simpson

What Do I Do?

I’m Corinne “Been” Simpson and I’m the virtual personal assistant you need.

Photograph by Andrea Beça

What is a virtual personal assistant?

An assistant in your virtual pocket. If you need help with a short-term project or long-term workload maintenance but can’t hire help full time or don’t have an office to host a staffer, I’m your solution. I will assist you remotely. We can meet weekly or you can just email me requests. I charge by the half-hour for the work done as you need it. Or we can work out a contract for a longer-term project.

What sort of work do I do?

What do you need done? I can type, write, organize, proofread, edit, do photo uploads to websites, create spreadsheets, track receipts, do research, assist in social media, help with grant applications, add captions and subtitles to YouTube videos… everything an in-office assistant can do and more. Without requiring an office or even your presence. (I can even gossip at the water cooler – I can text you a water cooler emoji with current entertainment gossip if that’s what you want.)  And if you want to meet in person, I’m happy to!

What do I cost?

An affordable rate—right now starting at $20 per half-hour for basic services. Please contact me for a weekly, monthly, or project-based rate beyond that and to discuss your specific needs.

What clients say…

“This woman is beyond amazing. If anyone is looking for a virtual assistant (or assistance with anything really), I highly recommend Corinne. @
, thank you! Because of you, my brain has the sense and space to do what I do best!”

Karran Finlay, Karran Finlay Marketing

“Corinne has been an amazing asset to my business. She is organized, timely, and an excellent communicator. She learns quickly and is self-sufficient, which is an absolute necessity for me as an entrepreneur. I can’t express how much of a relief it is to be able to know that when I need something done, it’s getting done and it’s getting done well.”

Andrea Beça, Edmonton filmmaker/writer/photographer



Twitter: @CorinneAssist

Instagram: @corinneassistant

Sober Saturdayz

I am also COO of Sober Saturdayz. Sober Saturdayz was founded by Kaitie Degen and is a collective of rad individuals embracing a sober or sober curious lifestyle. We import non-alcoholic spirits from around the world, promote and sell non-alcoholic (genuinely tasty beer), and promote sobriety and sober community. Our stated goal is expanding non-alcoholic options to match those of alcoholic ones and bringing sobriety to the forefront as a positive option with a vibrant community behind it. It’s harm reduction on a societal level. We are inclusive: we want drinkers and non-drinkers and all those in between to unite in spaces that cater to both and offer real choice in society. We work to break down the stranglehold alcohol has on events and our thinking around entertainment.

Sober Saturdayz website (where you can find a Forum, a Shop, and and a Sober Events Calendar to add your own events to, among other things)

Email: // Instagram: @sobersaturdayz

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