I’m Corinne “Been” Simpson and I’m the virtual personal assistant you need.

What is a VA?

An assistant in your virtual pocket. The word ‘secretary’ is passé but that helps give an idea of exactly the sort of work a Virtual Assistant (VA) does.

Imagine yourself in a big windowed office with an assistant seated at a desk outside your door. What kind of tasks are you giving that assistant to help make your work get done more efficiently? Organizational tasks, data entry, reports, receipts to file, bookings, etc.

Now imagine that’s me. Except I’m a freelancer seated at my own desk and we are in contact remotely.

So if you need help with one-off editing assignments, a short-term project, or long-term workload maintenance, I'm your solution. I will assist you remotely.
Been drinking coffee

What sort of work
do I do?

What do you need done?

Here’s the short list of tasks I readily take on:

  • Typing and/or formatting reports
  • Research
  • Receipt tracking 
  • Spreadsheet creation and/or maintenance
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Transcription
  • Closed Caption writing
  • Grant application read-overs and assistance
  • Photo labelling
  • Calendar organization/updates
  • Invoicing clients

If you have another project or task in mind, contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help!


I charge by the half-hour at an affordable rate starting at $25 per half-hour for basic services. Please contact me for a weekly, monthly, or project-based rate beyond that.


  • "Been’s remarkable ability to combine a no-nonsense atmosphere of accountability with a level of real compassion and understanding for my hopes and dreams as an artist/business owner has completely revolutionized the way I work. Having her help with the logistics of my practice affords me more mental and emotional energy to take the kinds of creative risks I know will make me better at what I do, and her own unique creative spirit continually elevates the projects we collaborate on. I am so grateful to have Been in my corner and quite frankly can’t imagine going back to doing business without her."

    Dylan Rhys Howard

  • "This woman is beyond amazing. If anyone is looking for a virtual assistant (or assistance with anything really), I highly recommend Corinne. @CorinneAssist, thank you! Because of you, my brain has the sense and space to do what I do best!"

    Karran Finlay
    Karran Finlay Marketing

  • "Corinne has been an amazing asset to my business. She is organized, timely, and an excellent communicator. She learns quickly and is self-sufficient, which is an absolute necessity for me as an entrepreneur. I can’t express how much of a relief it is to be able to know that when I need something done, it’s getting done and it’s getting done well."

    Andrea Beça
    Edmonton filmmaker/writer/photographer

  • "I was looking for a rockstar personal assistant and I found her! I hired Corinne to edit my blog posts for my industry blog but she turned out to be more than a glorified spelling and grammar checker! With her help, I was able to blog consistently and to a higher level of polish than I would have been able to achieve on my own. She is amazingly flexible and happy to take on other types of work, such as helping me research speaking opportunities! Corinne is helpful and attentive and has really helped me improve. I consider Corinne a valuable addition to any team, even if that team is only one person."

    Tammy Valgardson
    Full-Stack Developer Instructor at the University of Alberta

  • "Working with Corinne was wonderful. She has a keen eye for detail and was able to suggest ways to improve the many pages of documentation I sent to her for review. Corinne was eager to help and completed everything well within the timeframe I needed. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of professional and conscientious assistance."

    Alan Decker
    Writer and Supervisory IT Specialist

  • "I’ve worked with Corinne for ~2 years now and in that time she’s become an expert within my business. In fact she is such an expert that last month when I was unexpectedly off sick she was able to step up and keep work assignments for my team organized, seamlessly step in to manage day to day communication with my clients, and be so meticulously organized about it that I was able to step back in once I was feeling well again without missing a beat.

    Corinne is critical to the success of my business, at this stage I literally don’t know how I’d operate without her help. She somehow takes what would bog me down for entire days and makes it happen in just a few hours and I honestly don’t know how she does it.

    You should be working with her too.

    Alex Hochhausen
    Founder of Astronomic Audio

Contact Been

Send an email to corinneassistant@gmail.com
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