Cheese of Thrones S5 Intro

Posted by  Been
Kirk and Been, trustworthy cheese eaters and havers of opinions.

We had always hoped Cheese of Thrones would get this far but we both didn't expect to get here and also didn't expect it to take this long. Notwithstanding a global pandemic and whatever we call south of the border, we're still here, in Westeros (virtually), with cheese, watching and eating and having opinions.

For those who haven't joined us before now (WHY?) the format is Been has seen all of Game of Thrones and gave up after two books whereas Kirk has read all the books and hadn't watched the show so they are watching it together and Been is carefully avoiding show spoilers while Kirk tries vainly to remember names. And makes wild conjectures about future events. (No seriously, don't ask him about Osha.)

So here we are on the literal precipice of Season 5, with a platter of cheese, ready to take on whatever Season 5 shenanigans are in store for us. JOIN US, NON-ZERO NUMBERS OF READERS!

And also: spoilers. Duh.

Beetle Been
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