Game of Thrones S2E1

Posted by  Been

Been: Okay, so brief recap. Where are we?

Kirk: The important things - it's still early in the war and everyone is declaring they're king. Everyone is pretending they don't know where Joffrey came from but everyone knows. Robb's mother got sent off to negotiate for more forces. Tyrion is the sort of "hand in place". Yep, that's kinda where we are. Stannis is appearing, he's declared allegiance to the Lord of Light.

Been: MVP of this episode?

Kirk: Oh, interesting. Tyrion. Because Tyrion.

Been: Next time on Dragonball Z....?

Kirk: The problem is I remember random broad arcs from the books. Best guess: Dany's gonna find a city at the edge of the Red Waste. Cersei is gonna continue to be terrible. I don't think next episode Joffrey is gonna make me dislike him more but he's gonna try. Arya is gonna get found out that she's masquerading. It hurt my brain to remember that's what's happening right now. I think that covers the majority of it.

Been: Any dragon thoughts?

Kirk: I don't feel like they're a real player right now. In video game terms they are the carry right now. They are the character that's the drain and not really contributing but later they will be really powerful. But right now they're just eating their food.

Been: How bad will you feel if you're wrong next episode?

Kirk: Bad because I don't like being wrong. I like knowing things.

Been: Do you like drinking and knowing things?

Kirk: I forgot that! That's a reason to like Tyrion more!

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