Game of Thrones S2E3

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Snack Tally: cheese plate DAMAGE.

Been: So you called it on Arya unmasquerading herself. Does that feel good?

Kirk: Yes that's a thing! I mean I remember that happening at some point in the books with what's his name, the bastard, I just didn't remember when. I thought that went well. I was sort of wrong about Joffrey because he wasn't in the episode. I was right about Cersei. Actually I have to admit a grudging respect for Cersei this episode because she shut up Tyrion. Dany did not find a city which I feel like I called too early. I felt like the timing would have worked well but there's a lot more episodes to go. I think that covers my predictions.

Been: How do you feel about Stannis the Mannis and the Red Woman?

Kirk: Unsurprised that's how that went. Um, I mean, like we said, kind of evil hot redheads are sort of a thing so that's also fair. The Greyjoy scene was kind of weird because that was his sister. I feel like the Greyjoy kid, Theon? He was always terrible but his father appears to be trying to top that.

Been: Do we like the Iron Islands?

Kirk: Mmmmmmm I feel like it's an attempt to be like a noble warrior culture with the idea being to show this is what happens if you're in an incredibly hard place but I don't know if that's well executed. Sociologically societies in a hard place usually learn to work together and they don't seem like they can work together in anything, at all.

Been: Do we believe it was Cersei or Joffrey who ordered the bastard baby killings?

Kirk: Boy I'm torn about that because she's absolutely a good enough liar to convince Tyrion she didn't do it but Joffrey is enough of a toolbag to actually do it. I'm not 100% sure he's experienced enough to see the necessity in doing it so I'm still going to go with Cersei.

Been: Predictions!

Kirk: See part of the difficulty is being bad at names. Stannis' advisor's kid is totally gonna betray his dad - that's totally coming. We will, due to the fact that he didn't show up this episode, Joffrey will do something terrible next episode. Jon Snow will do something dumb like rescue that girl or something. I'm going to guess that Arya is not in the next episode much. I think we'll probably see Bran again and uh... *snaps fingers*.... uh... his wolf. Names are hard. There are a lot of names to keep track of! I'll go ahead and say something dumb and say that Daenerys will actually run into a city this time

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