Game of Thrones S2E6

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Been: So let's discuss whether the dragons were a win or a lose.

Kirk: See I said there'd be a dragon CAMEO. And we never SAW the dragons and the only dragon content was a few seconds. BUT it was a major plot point. So I don't know if I can really call that a cameo.

Been: Like on the one hand their tails made a cameo appearance....

Kirk: We only saw them at the tail end of the show. *chuckles*

Been: .....

Kirk: *chuckles*

Been: I will call it a half win?

Kirk: That's not entirely unreasonable.

Been: What other predictions were you right about?

Kirk: Arya would get someone else killed. I did say she'd discover that she liked it. I think she still might but it might be in next episode because the killing was the near the end of this episode. I'm willing to claim a partial success on Shae and Sansa.

Been: I'll allow it.

Kirk: I did say Cat would make it back to her son but I said with Brienne and tell him what happened. That didn't really occur. So also partial. That's pretty much the end of the successes.

Been: Let's talk abject failure.

Kirk: Yep, as mentioned Arya and the aftermath of the killing. Still could happen. Cat still hasn't talked to her son about what happened to, uh, Renly? Pretty sure that was Renly. Daenerys did not get her ship. Bran did not dream of being a wolf. We did in fact definitely see Jon but not really Sam, or it barely counts what we saw of Sam. I said Cersei would continue to be difficult, didn't see much of her so I can't really call that much of a success. But I did also say she knew that Tyrion was spying and she's plotting revenge and that's definitely not come up yet. I think that's all of last time's predictions.

Been: Do you have sympathy for Sansa right now?

Kirk: Well, yes. Honestly how would anyone but a sociopath not?

Been: Do you think Theon is the biggest shit this side of Joffrey?

Kirk: See this is tricky because when you said the biggest shit I thought no that's Joffrey but second place? He's absolutely a strong contender at the very least. He could be in second place. I think there's opportunity for one day Melisandre to be a challenger for that but she isn't currently. Although I'll probably be biased against saying she's the worst. Hmmm.

Been: Where do you think Osha and Hodor are taking the Stark boys?

Kirk: Well step one is trying to figure out who Osha is. But based on context I'm pretty sure it's the Wildling who was captured. Um, hmmmm... I suspect she's going to take them pretty much like into the wilderness sort of thing. They're not really going to a specific person or place sort of thing where no one can find them and there'll be more witchy magic things.

Been: Predict.

Kirk: Well obviously Daenerys is gonna get a ship... I don't think she's gonna get a ship. I think - real talk - I think she's going to throw an incredible tantrum, end up getting her dragons back probably by killing some people and get kicked out of the city. And finding a ship. Maybe not in this episode but.... Let's see, yep some definite Arya dealing with aftermath and trying to choose who she gets for her third person. Cat will talk to her son about what happened, maybe Brienne gets accused. Um, I think there'll definitely be Bran and some OSHA... see, that's a name. I think we'll see Sam trying to track down Jon. And Cersei is going to have some sort of plot against Tyrion.

Been: Is that it?

Kirk: I think so, yep. I think that's a reasonable start.

Been: Do all the dragons make it?

Kirk: Ooooh tricky! Hmmm... yes. I think so, yep. I think that'll happen.

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