Game of Thrones S2E8

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Been: Okay, Kirk, it's been a week. Were your predictions proved by the test of time?

Kirk: Well. I mean... alright let's start with successes. Uh, let's see here I had a prediction about the reaction from Theon's burning kids basically that if everyone wants to slit his throat he's not gonna be able to hold the castle. I'd like to point out that his sister showed up and said that. So I feel somewhat justified there. I'm going to take a half-win for the Kingslayer and Brienne. I said that she was going to abscond in the night with the knight so, yeah, half-win. Cat did not go with them. I also said that Bran and RICKON *is so proud of his name recollection* were not the bodies in Winterfell. And that it was the farmer's kids. I said we'd see Sam. And we did! That's about any that I can claim to be any kind of great success.

I said that I definitely implied in my prediction that Dany would get the dragons back, did not so very much happen. I said that Jon and Ygritte were totally gonna end up in bed but I did say I wasn't sure it would be this episode, still gonna stand on that. I said that Bran and Osha would end up in the wilderness doing witchy things. And I mean Winterfell is basically the wilderness, right?

Been: STOP.

Kirk: *laughs*

Been: We are not having this conversation again.

Kirk: Yeah I said that we would see Stannis but I said that he would show up to King's Landing earlier than expected due to Melisandre's magic. That's a whiff. I think that's about it that I see here.

Been: Do you think that a better buddy show spin-off is Tyrion and Bronn or Tyrion and Varys?

Kirk: I think Tyrion and Varys for a very straight-forward simple sort of reason. The Tyrion and Bronn Show would be like a half season of content. There's just not enough there. Tyrion and Varys, that could go places. That could be six seasons and a movie!

Been: How do we feel about the poor captive whore who is not Tyrion's whore?

Kirk: Yeah she's in an awful situation. Like, I think she was kinda playing along because what other choice did she have? But she could totally get, you know, hurt or killed by Cersei as a way to compel Tyrion to do something AND I think he may call her bluff and just do it anyways.

Been: Yeah. Yeah, she's in a rough spot.

Kirk: Yeah.

Been: What's the over/under on Brienne knocking Jaime on his ass for his smart mouth?

Kirk: Like next episode? Long term I think it's a fantastic chance. Next episode I think there's about a 65% chance it ends up happening.

Been: On a scale of zero to twitterpated, how in love with Dany is Jorah?

Kirk: Oooh, see, I've definitely heard this from some people who shall remain nameless who are in the same room, um, so I feel I may be a little biased here... I think I'm not actually sure, he might just be someone who believes he has sworn himself to the cause. But like he could totally be into her. That's definitely a possibility on the table, I think.

Been: Okay, prediction time. Get yer predictin' hat on.

Kirk: Right, right. Hmmmm. Uh, Sansa's gonna show up. Maybe friends with Shae. There'll be more Bran and Osha in the WILDERNESS OF WINTERFELL *laughs*. Um, hmmm, totally think Stannis gonna make it to King's Landing. Cat is going to escape and meet up with Brienne and Jaime. Hmmm, who else? Mmmm I think Daenerys will end up at the House of the Undying, still not sure if dragons are there or not. Um, yep. That's about it.

Been: When Stannis arrives at King's Landing, what happens?

Kirk: Pig shit. If Tyrion correctly guessed where he's gonna show up, there'll be basically an explosive welcoming party. If he guessed wrong, there's going to be sadness.

Been: Final question. What is Stannis' advisor's name?

Kirk: *laughs* LISTEN NO ONE SAID IT IN THIS EPISODE! That's obviously an unreasonable question. His name is Ser Buttersworth!

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