Game of Thrones S2E9

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Been: This episode is called 'Blackwater'. Break down the title for us, Kirk.

Kirk: That was the reference to the water just outside the King's Landing. I'm not sure if that was the name of the harbour or what but that was the reference there. It was obviously no longer black since it was, you know, on fire.

Been: Did you, in fact, predict a battle?

Kirk: Yep, yep I do believe that I specifically said that I think Stannis is going to make it to King's Landing. Totally did. You asked what he'd do if he made it and I said 'pig shit'. I'd call that a pretty unqualified win.

Been: What else did you call right?

Kirk: Well I'm looking at my predictions and that one was a win. They spent roughly the whole episode in King's Landing. Spoiler alert, that was not what I predicted. Well I did say that Sansa would show up and be friends with Shae. I'm willing to call some success on that. However I said there would be Bran and Osha in the wilderness, there was not. I said Cat was gonna escape, there was not. Daenerys in the House of the Undying? There was not.

Been: How about the battle itself? Was it satisfying?

Kirk: I mean the wildfyre, everyone burning as intended, was quote/unquote satisfying. As you pointed out during the episode, war is stupid and they kind of showed a brutal and stupid war. So yeah, brutal and stupid war.

Been: Alas, Joffrey survived.

Kirk: *groans* Yeaaaaah and acted in extremely Joffrey ways.

Been: We learned that The Hound is afraid of fire!

Kirk: Hmmmm. And that he doesn't seem all that dedicated to Joffrey as he would have liked people to think earlier.

Been: Think Tywin will take the glory for quote/unquote "winning" the battle?

Kirk: Yeah I totally think that he will. He won't believe that his half-man son did anything useful.

Been: Okay but NEXT episode we get dragons, right?

Kirk: YES. At the House of the Undying. Well, she'll make it to the House of the Undying. If the dragons are there, it'll be great. If the dragons are not there, they're at some other weird cult place.

Been: Other predictions? Keeping in mind next episode is end of the season.

Kirk: Ooooh end of the season! I suspect they'll sort of want to tie some stuff up. I think we're going to see Melisandre. Um, possibly Cersei's captive that she thinks is Tyrion's girlfriend. And that'll be bad if we see her. Yep, Daenerys like I said. I'm hoping that Joffrey gets a teensy bit of comeuppance but I'm sadly doubting it. We'll definitely need to see Jon because it's the end of the season. Mmm Cat will escape and meet up with Brienne and Jaime. Tyrion may be somewhat at a loss for words and schemes. I think that's about it. I can't think of anyone else important that I think will show up.

Been: Do you realize every episode the big threat is Robb, king of the north, and we never talk about him?

Kirk: Eeeeeeeeeh I don't know if I say every episode. We've been talking about Cat! We've been talking about the more important people there. Robb seems a little lost. Oh, that's a good point. I think there'll be repercussions this episode for him wanting to run off with his doctor lady.

Been: Final question. Did Stannis' advisor survive the wildfyre?

Kirk: Yes but not his son.

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