Game of Thrones S3E6

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Been: Kirk! I wasn't tracking fully but I think you did not terribly on predictions? How well did you do?

Kirk: I mean... I feel like there was definitely some hits there. There was oooh, I said a brief Dany appearance. That's a miss. I said Bran and the Reeds: wargy things in the woods. There was a vision. I'm willing to call that wargy in order to fit my narrative. Um, I said we'd see The Hound. That's a miss. I said Mister Fetch will be there, I said he'd be close to The Wall, but I said they'd be able to verify if he's lying to them or not. So that's kind of a hit. I mean he was definitely close to The Wall. Theon was definitely there.

Been: Well, most of Theon.

Kirk: *laughs*... Um, but I said he'd run into his sister. That seems inaccurate. The person torturing him... I'm still not sure if he's actually working for Theon's sister or not. Because he said he was a liar, about the things he admitted to, but he might be lying about being a liar. It's tricky. I did said that Melisandre wouldn't be back. I said that Brienne would be kindly disposed towards Jaime. I think that's still kind of a hit. I said that Tyrion will talk to Shae. And I mean... kind of... *laughs*. Shae was there and he was talking! It was in fact time for more Sansa. I said she would watch Littlefinger leave. Which I consider to be a pretty solid hit. I did say something about confiding in Margaery. And that's a miss. Maybe next time on Dragonball Z. I said Arya would escape and that's not the case. Ummm, I said we wouldn't see Robb. And we definitely didn't.

Been: *looks at Kirk*

Kirk: *looks at Been* *tries to keep a straight face*

Been: You, sir, are a liar.

Kirk: *laughs* Listen, I keep forgetting about Robb because he just doesn't seem that important. I did say that we would see Mister Fetch's wolf, that's incorrect. That's about it for predictions specifically for this episode.

Been: And Mister Fetch's wolf's name is?

Kirk: Uhhh.... Floofer Wigglybottom.

Been: Somebody is feeding you intel, huh?

Kirk: *air quotes* INTEL.

Been: Okay, we gotta dissect some things. What is the impact of Ygritte knowing that Mister Fetch is still a Crow?

Kirk: Hm. That's a tricky question. She will, I think, especially after he saved her, and her speech about being just foot soldiers and how neither of their leaders cared, um, she may be willing to follow him pretty much wherever. Also, seeing green outside of moss in a cave.

Been: Impact of the Lannister children being married off against their will?

Kirk: I still don't think Tyrion will do it. He's gonna find something. Don't know what. The whole exchange between Tywin and Grandmother Tyrell, I'm not actually sure if Cersei's going to end up marrying that Knight of Flowers. *eats cheese and ponders* I feel like there could have been some kind of deal made after the scene ended. They could have been implying that.

Been: Will Edmure Tully marrying one of the Frey daughters be enough to get the Freys to follow Robb?

Kirk: Yes but barely. Like it'll be enough to get them to follow, um, unless they get like a better opportunity, or something like that. It'll be a very frayed alliance. *chuckles* *Been lets the pun go without comment*

Been: What does Melisandre want with Gendry?

Kirk: Uhhhh oh I remember this! The dark demon she summoned she said required the blood of kings! So that could totally mean... he may end up getting, you know, sacrificed, or if he's lucky there's the other method she'd already mentioned to extract dark power from him. Mmmmhmmm.

Been: How do we feel about Joffrey killing that pretty redheaded whore?

Kirk: Joffrey's a dangerous psychopath and will probably continue to be more dangerous in the future.

Been: Can anything stop him?

Kirk: Maybe Margaery. Preferably falling into a well and dying. Joffrey, obviously.

Been: Okay, put on the predicting hat. Let's start outside Westeros. Predict Dany.

Kirk: I don't feel like she's going to ... I think it'll be several episodes before she's like at King's Landing door sort of thing. That will be a much later problem. Um, I think she'll be there next episode. And I think she's going to start to struggle more with the choices her army makes because she's not really giving them a choice, per se. She's giving them an option to do what she thinks they should do. And I think she'll grow more and more uncomfortable with them not making the choices they obviously should.

Been: Predict at The Wall.

Kirk: Mister Fetch and Ygritte are going to have to go down the other side with the Wildlings but maybe something easier on a abandoned lift or something. I'm not sure if I think they will stay with Mance's forces or like disappear in the middle of the night.

Been: Bran?

Kirk: Obviously wargy things in the woods.

Been: Okay, let's predict the direction the whole Robb saga takes next episode.

Kirk: I think he's going to send his Tully off to marry the Frey. Um, I still think his mom's going to disappear at some point. Like, ditch to go do something more important than him. And I feel like unless that's the exclusive focus of the next episode, that's all we'll get.

Been: All the King's Landing brou-ha-ha... what's gonna go down?

Kirk: Hmm.... Varys, the Spider, is going to do something like against Littlefinger and his forces. His schemes. Um, Tyrion is going to stop feeling sorry for himself possibly at the point of Shae yelling at him and actually do something about the wedding. I think Joffrey is going to be back to do something more reprehensible. I mean he set a high water mark but I think he can still grow. I still feel like there might have been some sort of deal between Tywin and the old lady Tyrell. I'm not sure what yet. That's all I can think of for like next episode. I feel like long term Margaery will do something to try to make Joffrey appear like a human being. But for a story arc perspective first he has to go lower. Or more public.

Been: Stannis the Sad?

Kirk: Oooh Stannis the Petulant, umm... yep. I don't think that he'll be in the next episode. I think his daughter and Ser Buttersworth will be. And that she may end up like letting him out or something. Or offering to and he'll be honor-bound not to allow her.

Been: Finally, Arya.

Kirk: She's definitely going to get away from the Brotherhood maybe by running to where that face changer came from. Because I think she's going to end up there like at some point. Because he talked about training her or something like that.

Been: Any last words for what thoughts you have on the future?

Kirk: Basically, in-breeding is bad, the Lannisters are scary, the Targaryens are kinda scary, maybe you should have a family tree that doesn't look like a quilt.

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