Game of Thrones S3E7

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Been: When last we left Kirk and Been, the cheese was gone and Kirk had predicted more wargy things in the woods for Bran, something something dragons for Dany, and that Robb's mother would leave him for something less boring. Let's see how accurate he was! Kirk, were you right on anything?

Kirk: Well... I mean, I'd just like to say up front that I was right about Arya running from The Brotherhood. Literally running. But otherwise, starting from the top, Dany didn't struggle with any choices, Mister Fetch and Ygritte just magically went down the wall with no scene or problems whatsoever, Bran showed up not even in the woods let alone doing wargy things. As for Robb, his mom didn't disappear. He was kind of sending the Tully off to marry the Frey. I had some predictions about Kings Landing: Varys was Ser Not-Appearing-In-This-Episode, I said Tyrion would stop feeling sorry for himself and THHBBBBPPTTTT, I said Joffrey would be back to do something more reprehensible which is a miss (he barely showed up), oh but I was right that Stannis the Petulant was not in this episode. However, his daughter and Ser Buttersworth were not either. And that was basically the end of my predictions. So Arya ran away and...

Been: ... and that's about it! *laughs*

Kirk: That's about it.

Been: Okay well let's just address the title of this episode right off the top. The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Accurate?

Kirk: Y'know, I don't really think of her as quote/unquote the maiden fair but they did, like, dress her up and there was definitely a bear. So, you know, I guess it was bearly accurate. *chuckles*

Been: Glossing over the fiftieth pun this episode, how do we feel about Jaime jumping to her rescue?

Kirk: Jaime has the kind of enormous karmic debt that someone could open an orphanage and try to start paying back so maybe this is something of a start to that but I remain somewhat unconvinced.

Been: Talk Dany to me Kirk.

Kirk: Mmm. Hmmm. I maintain that she's mostly a dangerous homicical power-hungry maniac. I was a little surprised she didn't kill the messenger, um, I feel like her quote/unquote offer to the uh... messenger there for the city that she wanted because she saw it, was um deliberately provocative and she expects them to turn her down so that she can feel and look to a certain degree justified when she attempts to burn their entire city down.

Been: So you think Dany's altruism is largely PR for her conscience?

Kirk: I think that's a pretty good way to put it, yeah. That she wants to feel that she's doing like the good and correct thing, um, but that's just kind of a thin veneer over the fact that she just wants power.

Been: Tell us what happened to Theon.

Kirk: Well I mean Theon was a little dumb in that I don't know how he didn't realize that was a set up. Uh, and then the scene ended. I'm not entirely sure where that went, so...

Been: Do you think they're going to cut off his dick?

Kirk: In any show, not Game of Thrones, I'd be a pretty solid no but in this instance I'm about 60% yes.

Been: King's Landing thoughts?

Kirk: Melisandre showing up? Never a good sign. Melisandre showing up with quote/unquote royal blood? Super not a good sign. That poor literally bastard is probably going to have a real bad time followed by the city having a real bad time.

Been: How will this affect the weddings?

Kirk: I don't see any real direct link between that and weddings right now.

Been: How about the Tully/Frey wedding? How's that all going to go?

Kirk: Well, I feel the whole thing's kinda been hanging by a thread this whole time so you know it's kinda frayed. *laughs heartily* Anyways, I think the wedding will probably still go forward with a lot of reluctance on many party's side.

Been: Any other direct specific predictions to make?

Kirk: Uhhh... well Bran and Osha, wargy things in the woods. Tyrion's going to do something about the wedding. Still think he's going to scheme his way out of it somehow. I mean obviously Mister Fetch will have to show up next episode. They can't just not have him in an episode. And Dany's going to end up doing something strange, maybe dragony, in order to end up taking that city to *makes air quotes* "save the slaves". But she just wants the city. Because she saw it. So now it's hers, like a cat. I think that's about it for specific predictions.

Been: What will the main focus of the next episode be?

Kirk: That's a tough call, there's a lot of storylines. There are a lot of plates in the air right now. I think, I think I'm going to guess the Dany and the city actually. I think it's still maybe an episode away but I think that'll be the focal point of an episode.

Been: On a scale of zero to so much, how much do you care about the Robb and his Queen baby?

Kirk: It seems like something that could be important like a few seasons from now but that doesn't seem like it's going to be very relevant shortly.

Been: Last thoughts on dragons, direwolves, and/or bears?

Kirk: Uh, I don't think we'll see the bear again. We saw the obviously more grown up and scary-pants dragons so we probably won't see them for an episode or two. Um, and we'll see one direwolf in the next couple episodes but I don't know which one. Just because they haven't been around for awhile. And we have to be reminded that they exist. Otherwise it would be, you know, a dire waste of CG resources. *laughs*

Been: *sighs*

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