Game of Thrones S3E8

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Been: This episode was titled 'Second Sons' and I think we should explore the layers of meaning in that, don't you? Give me your thoughts, Kirk!

Kirk: Uh, well I mean the obvious answer is the mercenary group that was weird and interesting. I mean there's also some, I think, Tyrion was the second son of Tywin. So that's probably a bit of a play on words there. I don't remember who the second Stark son was so I don't know if that's relevant or not. I doubt that poor bastard who Melisandre attacked with leeches was only Robert's second son. That's all I can think of off-hand.

Been: I agree, I think the title refers to the mercenaries and Tyrion, mostly. Because Bran is the second Stark son and he wasn't in it.

Kirk: Oh really, Bran! He seems young. Hmm.

Been: So then let's talk Tyrion. Did your predictions come true?

Kirk: No, he seems pretty married at this point. I mean he could conceivably still try to manage to weasel out somehow, I'm not sure how though.

Been: Do you think Sansa truly is at least physically safe with him?

Kirk: For a certain period of time, yes. Until she doesn't have children and then Tywin threatens all sorts of I don't know probably killing every lady of the night in the entire city to punish the imp.

Been: Let's talk about the OTHER second sons then. Did you see them coming?

Kirk: Uh, no I was surprised by what all went down there. I mean like mid-episode I was more predicting actually that Dany was going to do something ethically questionable: well, someone beat her to it.

Been: So how did your other predictions fare?

Kirk: I mean I had predictions about Dany and the city: I still stand by those, they just haven't happened yet. Theon didn't appear so don't know about that. Uh, Melisandre caused not a good time but nowhere near as much as I expected, but that could still be coming. Didn't seem to affect the weddings, kind of like I said. The, uh, Frey'ed wedding still hasn't occurred. Oh no, was Mister Fetch not in this episode? I can't believe I got that prediction wrong! Huh. I said we probably wouldn't see the dragons this episode and we didn't. I did say see a direwolf in the next couple, though, so I'm running low.

Been: Bran?

Kirk: Oh, well... Bran has not yet done wargy things in the woods. But he's going to.

Been: What is the significance of the names Stannis said when he burned the leeches?

Kirk: Especially since he labeled them all as 'usurper' and I'm presuming he was trying to send some sort of dark power based on the blood of kings, etc, you know the "friendly lord of light" at them. Not sure if that's going to be in the form of those shadow demons or something less direct.

Been: There's two more marriages scheduled for King's Landing: Cersei and Loras and Joffrey and Margaery. Which will happen at all and which will happen first?

Kirk: You know, Cersei is a character that I love to hate but she does definitely do the whole duty thing. So I could see both happening. I feel like Cersei's would be first. Partially in order to build dramatic tension.

Been: Arya and the Hound?

Kirk: I feel like she may end up a weird kind of friends with him. That could happen, yup.

Been: Okay, let's make character-based predictions. Start with Dany and the desert gang.

Kirk: Yeah I'm pretty much gonna stand by she will do something maybe dragony in order to take that city while talking about how she's *makes air quotes* "freeing" it. I think it'll be pretty much the same prediction for her as I had previously.

Been: Jaime and Brienne?

Kirk: Ooooh. That seems like, uh, they're going to get dragged off with that guard that I'm reasonably sure didn't have a name that Jaime was intimidating. Um, probably have basically like some stuff during travel but I don't think they're going to get to their destination for a few episodes.

Been: Arya? Will she actually reunite with her mother?

Kirk: I kinda feel like no. I think she's going to end up kind of chasing her family for a bit and then getting mad and doing something else. Like I said going back to that place with the face-changing dude... what was his name... he was going to train her.... dammit... "what's his face".

Been: Sansa and Tyrion?

Kirk: Uh I suspect she'll be physically safe until until Tywin has a meltdown because she's not pregnant, uh, there will probably be some weird conversations between them maybe involving Shae and Sansa at some point finding out who Shae really is. At which point I think she'll feel kind of betrayed.

Been: Let me guess: Bran and Osha and wargy things in the woods?

Kirk: Correct. In the woods. They can find some.

Been: Sam?

Kirk: Oh. Sam and... Gilly? I think that's her name. Um, are possibly going to get like chased through the night but I think they'll survive fine for at least the next episode.

Been: Were you at all surprised that Sam was able to kill a white walker?

Kirk: Well you know, like, crit happens. Like shit happens but sometimes he rolls a crit. I think he got lucky. Although I mean I think he wants to get lucky. *makes finger guns*

Been: Mister Fetch?

Kirk: He HAS to be in the next episode. This was far too long for him to not be happening. Um, he's gonna continue along with Ygritte there and then I think he's going to end up breaking away from Mance's forces there.

Been: Robb and the endless Frey'ed wedding?

Kirk: Uh it seems like it's about time for that to happen in the next couple episodes. They've been working on it for awhile here now.

Been: Anything else specific you think will happen in the next episode?

Kirk: Hmmm... *ponders*..... no, I got nothing else.

Been: Any final puns?

Kirk: I mean there's always more PUNishment for you, but....

Been: *head in hands*

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