Game of Thrones S3E9

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Kirk: Yep, there was too many weddings going on and I remembered from previous social media firestorms that there was "the red wedding" but I totally thought it was one of the other weddings that was going on. And now I'm trying to remember how far I actually read versus what the divergence here is from the books. Anyhow, that was a mess!

Been: Could or did you predict any part of that?

Kirk: I mean I said that the Frey'd wedding would be a problem, um, and that when he chose to marry the other person there was going to be some consequences, however I significantly underestimated said consequences.

Been: So looking back in time to 2013, you've now had The Red Wedding Experience, and what are your gut reactions?

Kirk: I mean I think the, really the episode had all of the gut reactions... they were everywhere.


Kirk: It was 2013!

Been: Still... Kirk... my god, a little humanity.

Kirk: I kind of... it's interesting, I don't remember exactly a lot of the social media takes of it because I was specifically avoiding anything that was spoilery in case I eventually watched it. I do remember thinking that it was surprising how much of the internet was up in arms about this. And part of that was just because there was, like, the reason George R R Martin needs so many characters is because he wants to kill all of them. So it's not like they haven't established horrible murder so far but on the other hand, I also kind of get it now because it was everything at once.

Been: Okay, so let's do a bit of an impact tally. Based on the fact that Robb, his bride, Catelyn, and the army of the north are all dead, what impact does that have on remaining players?

Kirk: I mean we have to start with two points. Uh, one is that not all of them are dead. There was at least the Blackbird...?... who ran off to find a tree who many still be alive. Also of course is it's kind of less of an impact tally and more of an impact Tully. *Been tries hard to ignore the pun* Uh, anyhow this is interesting with previously in the episode, Bran sending his brother off, uh saying if something happened to him and Robb that he would be the heir at that point. I mean, it seems like that may not have been an error (Been note: I KNOW he meant 'heiror' but I just CAN NOT). Um, anyways, for Starks in line for Winterfell, such as remains of it, uh this leaves basically I believe Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. Jon's an unacknowledged bastard so I don't think Mister Fetch can be the king or lord in the north. The more wide-reaching impact based on the line about "the Lannisters send their regards" obviously the Lannisters are going to hear about this, um and this is going to simplify the Lannisters' lives significantly unfortunately. Uh, those would be the direct impacts although that's going to maybe also end up with the Lannisters able to focus more on Stannis and maybe Dany.

Been: So Arya doesn't reunite with her mother.

Kirk: To be fair, I said she wouldn't. I mean... great success?

Been: There was a more expected and less shocking slaughter across the Narrow Sea this episode with Queen of Genocide sacking a city.

Kirk: Yeah, you know, I'm concerned that this is going to play into Dany's whole saviour complex. I don't think she really needs any encouragement. And I'm concerned when she gets it.

Been: So... Bran sent Osha away. How does this affect your endless prediction about Bran and Osha and wargy things in the woods?

Kirk: I'd just like to point out, in this episode, Bran was with Osha and did significantly wargy things and there's bushes around that tower. However, it's going to be really tricky to make that prediction in the future.

Been: Okay last point before predictions. Mister Fetch left his wildling girlfriend. Did you see that coming?

Kirk: I did not. I'm not super convinced that's how he sees it. I think he was trying to chase down that bird or some other somewhat dumb idea like that. However, I definitely suspect that she sees it that way.

Been: Alright. Post-Red Wedding Prediction Time.

Kirk: Well the plus side is there's so many less characters to keep track of now. Uh, next episode: there's going to be some Tyrion and Sansa. I think maybe this episode but probably within a few she's going to find out who Shae actually was. Uh, Dany will spend a little time in the city sort of cleaning up and consolidating. Ooooh, Melisandre I think that we could definitely see some of the impact of her and Stannis the Petulant's magic with the king's blood. I kinda feel like no Bran next episode. Uh, and the Lannisters will probably hear back about the Red Wedding. And I'm not sure if that may have an impact on the weddings or anything. Mmmm, as for Arya and the Hound, I feel like they're maybe going to skip an episode. Jaime and Brienne should definitely show up but I'll repeat my prediction that they won't actually get to their destination for a few episodes. Uh, Sam and Gilly will probably find the gate to get through the wall. And Ygritte might run Jon down and threaten to stab him.

Been: Direwolf tally time. We lost another one. Who did we lose?

Kirk: What? That question is clearly unfair and ridiculous. .... *ponders*.... Nope, it was a direwolf I got nothing.

Been: Which wolves are left?

Kirk: The other direwolves! Shaggydog. Nymeria? ....... That's it. I mean I'm pretty sure there's more, I just don't know their names.

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