Game of Thrones S4 E7

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Been: Kirk, one more pun and I'll cry.

Kirk: I don't know what you're talking about. *laughing to self*

Been: I wish I had a moon door.

Kirk: *laughs uproariously* I don't think you could throw me out the moon door. It would be like Tyrion trying to throw the Mountain out the moon door.

Been: Fair. But speaking of people who deserve to be thrown out of moon doors... Lysa!

Kirk: Yeah, she was... like during the episode we agreed that Littlefinger is a villain, he's kinda scary, he's very much like 'a concern', but Lysa seemed like the sort who would throw a servant through the moon door because they dropped a pitcher of water, and like a metal pitcher that didn't break, and no dent. Just that she was mad about the loud sound.

Been: I absolutely agree. Lysa was everything Catelyn was not. Examples: petty, shallow, whiny, greedy, easily offended, paranoid, desperate for Littlefinger... I mean Catelyn would NEVER.

Kirk: Yeah it definitely seemed like Catelyn got a lot of the good in that family and Lysa just didn't.

Been: But we still, no matter how deserving Lysa's flight was, we still agree that Littlefinger is a dastardly kinda guy.

Kirk: Entirely true and I'm definitely concerned at this point, you know AGAIN, for Sansa.

Been: I feel like I spend the entirety of this show being concerned for Sansa in one way or another.

Kirk: I think that's kind of her role in the story. As opposed to her sister who I'm becoming more concerned ABOUT than for.

Been: Arya is on her way to becoming a tidy little murderess.

Kirk: I don't think that her current company is helping that at all. And I don't deny that she had a lot of really terrible garbage happen to her so I can kind of see that but she's getting awfully comfortable with murder.

Been: Oh, she's made a bedfellow of murder at this point. But also, so has Cersei.

Kirk: Well I feel like Cersei like grew up with murder. Like this was always a constant companion. And not just like because her family is the Lannisters, Murder Inc, but that even in the setting of the Lanniser family she was extremely enthusiastic about that part of the family business.

Been: Cersei is a born villain, and a sneaky conniving witch, I can't deny it, but my god I love her.

Kirk: I'm still extremely impressed with the execution of the character but I mean I hate her. Because she's terrible!

Been: She's a great villain. I've always loved a great villain. Like Melisandre. She's a villain too, though slightly subtler than Cersei, but she's a really good one.

Kirk: I feel like Melisandre is a much more interesting villain, though. Like Cersei is just out for herself and her kids, next, and then her family for certain definitions of family after that, but she has really transparent motivations. Although not methods, to be fair. Whereas you're just never really entirely sure where Melisandre's going but you generally assume it's going to end poorly for someone.

Been: That's because Melisandre is a religious zealot so her villainy is of the cult leader type. She has a single-minded purpose driven by, she believes, divine intervention, so she doesn't see her villainy as poor choices so much as inevitable stakes of worship.

Kirk: I'm not actually 100% convinced that she is a quote/unquote true believer. I could definitely see her being someone who has discovered some sort of old and terrible power and used it to construct this entire cult with herself as the leader because then she still gets to call the shots but she can always shrug and go "because god".

Been: First, I'd like to point out that people other than Melisandre claim to follow and be leaders within the Lord of Light thing, namely the Brotherhood, but also I will not say more because I realize I know too much about her future.

Kirk: I thought the Brotherhood reported to her - didn't they know her and defer to her?

Been: As a priestess of the Lord of Light, yes. But she is not the only one. AND I HAVE SAID TOO MUCH. .... Changing the subject to our favorite pint-sized killer, how did Dany seem this episode?

Kirk: Dany's going kind of increasingly off the rails. I'm surprised that Ser Jorah was able to talk her down very slightly from her previous assumed mass murder. Like I understand what she's saying about all of these masters but I don't buy that's really her primary motivation, though. And there's the old quote about "stare not too long into the abyss for the abyss stares back into you" and I think she's long past that point already. She's just looking for an excuse and she may in fact be the abyss.

Been: I have to agree. I think whatever altruistic motives Dany proclaims to have are just her assumed justification for doing whatever it takes to get what she thinks is her due. I don't think she's much different from her dead brother, just savvier at presenting it and smoother at obtaining it.

Kirk: Yeah, far less blatant than her obviously a problem brother. She still definitely says things about how she's the 'rightful ruler' and seems to assume that if she was to show up the people would rally behind her because obviously the filthy peasants would recognize their betters. But she does a great job of cloaking all of that in some sort of high-minded appearances.

Been: Oh! Let's talk about Tyrion's new champion: the Prince of Dorne himself.

Kirk: That was an interesting scene. I can kind of see where he was coming from in that Tyrion has been almost a punishment to that family this entire time. As soon as he walked into frame in the cell I definitely assumed that he was there to be the champion. I'm curious to see how well he actually does because I don't think the series at least so far has shown us anything, just lots of people talking about being afraid of him. It's definitely possible, though, that in the end he'll be the one adorning himself with the title of champion.

Been: *pointedly ignores the Dorne pun* TO BE FAIR... Oberyn is called the Red Viper and is the father of the Sand Snakes. And this isn't actually spoilers since this was mentioned in a previous episode. They just didn't point out how lethal some of the Sand Snakes are.

Kirk: Yeah, that's kind of what I meant... is so far there's been lots of talk but not a lot of demonstration.

Been: Well... they've taken pains to demonstrate his prowess as a lover.

Kirk: This is true. Perhaps the fourteen year old boys who seem to run most of this show were a lot more interested in demonstrating that as opposed to any other aspect of his character.

Been: You know what they say, if you can handle one sword, you can handle another.... hehehehehe....

Kirk: You need to include in here that you made finger guns as you said that.

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