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Canadian True Crime

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Podcast / Non-Fiction / 2016-Present

Creator/Host/Researcher: Kristi Lee

Country: Canada

Synopsis: An independent podcast telling stories of some of the most heinous, controversial, heartbreaking and thought-provoking true crime cases in Canada.

Review: I most admire Kristi Lee and her podcast Canadian True Crime for it’s grass-roots independence that is incredibly well-searched and pursues ethical storytelling. The show deals with some of the most sensationalized crimes in Canadian history but Kristi remains responsible and sympathetic to the victims and families. I highly recommend the episodes on the École Polytechnique Massacre.

Link: https://canadiantruecrime.ca/

Recommended episodes:

Robert Pickton: https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2017/12/6/15-robert-pickton-part-1

Murder of Tim Bosma: https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2017/10/16/07-the-murder-of-tim-bosma

Dellen Millard and Laura Babcock (Tim Bosma continued): https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2018/2/15/19-dellen-millard-and-the-murder-of-laura-babcock

École Polytechnique Massacre: https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2018/7/4/2829-cole-polytechnique-massacre-part-1

The Shafia Family: https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2018/9/30/32-the-shafia-family

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