Russian Cheese

Russian Cheese S1E6: 'Reflection'

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Kirk: Oh, there was no cat, was there? I'm concerned that it's a victim of the problems with organics around them or something. Or of time didn't loop.

Been: I mean the organic decay is getting a bit out of hand now.

Kirk: And now joined by well, apparently, no mirrors? Their brief conversation, I'm not sure if they mean there's no mirrors in their apartments or in the world.

Been: So fruit and organics, like flowers, EVERYWHERE is just rotting away, not just in their homes. And no mirrors?

Kirk: Yeah not sure about the mirrors. The conversation wasn't explicit about how widespread the lack of mirrors was.

Been: Do you still think Alan is the centre of the loop?

Kirk: I actually now think it's her because he basically just woke up and repeated a day once? So it seems like she may have been the one who died first who set this off?

Been: I'm still unclear on their connection, though. Knowing the same convenience store clerk is not really that close.

Kirk: Yeah and the extended line of cheating also not really a close connection.

Been: And Alan had a fish and she had a cat... so....

Kirk: Yeah and they're very separate sort of people. Like there's not a lot of similarities between them lifestyle-wise or anything so...

Been: The show continues to fascinate me, though. Alan is a dweeb but she remains totally watchable for me.

Kirk: They're interesting characters almost because they're both such extremes. I don't know if I'd actually want to hang out with either of them in real life, though.

Been: God no, he'd clean my apartment while taking out banned photos and crying and she'd burn cigarette holes in my couch and lose my cat. Neither is really a great option.

Kirk: I feel like cigarette holes and a lost cat would almost be like a good day with her, if that was all that happened?

Been: They are both insanely prone to death.

Kirk: That's very accurate. It seems like that has to be a new thing because otherwise they'd never have made it out of childhood.

Been: So true! Right now between them they can't cross streets, eat food, use stairs, or anything electric.

Kirk: Or gas.


Kirk: Yeah, that's why it has to be something recent and to do with whatever is tied into this time loop thing. Something changed and is causing circumstances to align, often in very improbable ways, to have them dying constantly.

Been: I was about to comment on how I recognized the actress playing Nadia's mother and then I remember who I'm talking to.

Kirk: Wait, wasn't she only shown in like one picture in one shot?

Been: I have a stupid superpower, Kirk, but it's MY superpower and I won't have it mocked.

Kirk: I probably wouldn't recognize the actress if she was literally in the show, let alone like a photo that was up for four seconds in one shot.

Been: It's a blessing and a curse to be me.

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