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Russian Doll S1E1: 'Nothing in This World Is Easy'

Posted by  Been

Been: First thoughts! You go first, Kirk.

Kirk: I'm entertained by the protagonist. She is precisely the kind of gives-no-shits person that generally amuses me. I don't really know what to say about the scenario yet because its pretty, um, not that defined in 24 minutes so.... but I think there's definitely promise. And the character entertains me.

Been: I too am entertained by Natasha Lyonne. She's brilliant. Also I love that the women portrayed in this are nuanced and feel very much like actual real people. There are so far no Barbie doll CW starlet types. They're all sort of weird and different and feel like people I'd hang out with.

Kirk: Yeah the background characters aren't cardboard cutouts of people. They, I mean it's been a short time so far, but so far they have actual interesting quirks and lives and they don't exist just to reinforce the protagonist.

Been: I agree. And I also identify strongly with any plot that begins with a sarcastic woman's quest to find her missing cat.

Kirk: I mean as you said during the show, all good shows have a cat. And so far the whole Oatmeal thing has provided an interesting kind of impetus to explain like some of the actions that she's taking.

Been: That's true: the party brings in a lot of potential characters for her to interact with but the cat provides a necessary exit onto the streets.

Kirk: And a certain amount of a quest, for lack of a better term.

Been: I saw a lot of media that compare this show to Groundhog Day and in this brief time I see where the structural comparisons lie but I'm 100% sure this will be tonally unique.

Kirk: And also, honestly, a more interesting character. I remember Groundhog Day from many years ago and the protagonist just wasn't that interesting. The story was interesting. The protagonist was there for the purpose of the story. They had not a lot of depth otherwise.

Been: I agree. Groundhog Day was a lot of fun and it was comedy gold for Bill Murray. But he was totally there to service the narrative. Whereas Russian Doll's narrative feels like it will necessarily form around Natasha Lyonne. It will be a character focus, not a 'weird timey wimey thingy' focus.

Kirk: I think that's most of my thoughts so far.

Been: I'm excited to see it unfold!

Kirk: Yes, I concur.

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