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Russian Doll S1E2: 'The Great Escape'

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Been: Okay whoa, she made it through the night to the next day! She made it to Monday!

Kirk: I mean, not very far INTO Monday but she made it to Monday. And then she made it to Monday again but also not super far into Monday. It definitely seems like something is going on with her untimely demise.

Been: It's clear that the Groundhog Day rules don't apply, though. He woke up every morning in the same day. She can live until she dies and then comes back to the same party. But she does seem to die a lot.

Kirk: I have no idea how she's made it this far in life given how poor she has seemed to be at stairs, walking into traffic, walking into pits in the sidewalk, like... how do you make it to 36 without learning important lessons about those things?

Been: I daresay she's learning those lessons NOW.

Kirk: I mean yes but I'm still confused how she didn't previously. So many terrible instances of doom and then somehow making it down the fire escape.

Been: We've learned that the drug idea she had about what was wrong is a red herring: she does lots of drugs and none of the drugs affect her.

Kirk: Yeah, it sounds like she has had ketamine before (although forgot about it which is entertaining) so it doesn't seem that is the particular trigger of this problem. However, her concern that perhaps she is losing her mind does seem somewhat rational under the circumstances.

Been: Once again I appreciate how character-driven this is. Despite the fact that we're discussing clues and plot points, it all hinges on her and her relationships with other people.

Kirk: She does seem to have some very interesting relationships with other people. I am definitely wondering if the storyline is going to turn into basically something about her relationships with other people and leading to this, though.

Been: I expect there is a deeper lesson in this series than there was in Groundhog Day which, to revisit that, was simply "Don't be a dick if you wanna date Andie MacDowell"

Kirk: I mean that's a valuable lesson in life in general, just a little more Wheaton's Law.

Been: What do you make of that final shot in this episode?

Kirk: The flowers that seem to be wilting or dying, I feel like it's some sort of... it's trying to indicate there's some sort of limitation. That she can only repeat something so many times or something along those lines. She only has a certain amount of time left, basically to stop her from the not entirely unreasonable conclusion of 'why don't I just party really hard every night and just wake up in the party'.

Been: I agree. I think it's suggesting she's under some kind of unknown restraint. Time or boundaries or something. Perhaps even that life is actually going on without her and these people she's interacting with every time are echoes?

Kirk: Hmm that could be interesting, yeah. That the world is going on without her and will basically eventually pass her by.

Been: That's, I think, a weirdly relevant fear when you consider FOMO.

Kirk: Although if this all turns out to be some sort of basically story about FOMO I feel I may be a smidge disappointed.

Been: I'm gonna assume it won't since Amy Poehler is involved in this and she's smarter than that.

Kirk: I don't know who that is.

Been: Okay... did you ever watch Parks and Rec?

Kirk: Like one episode, I think? Maybe?

Been: Do you know who this is?

Kirk: I recognize her, yep.

Been: That's Amy Poehler.

Kirk: Don't worry, I'll forget that name.

Been: I know, its one of the quirks i love most about you. You're like a weird version of Russian Doll in terms of faces and names. This show is very you, Kirk.

Kirk: See, it just means there's always these wonderful new actors that I'm seeing. Who aren't new at all.

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