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Russian Doll S1E3: 'A Warm Body'

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Been: Kirk, give us a brief rundown on deaths this episode.

Kirk: I mean there was the initial questionable one which I was guessing was supposed to be frozen but also minorly possible that something else terrible happened. Other than that the only one I remember is the elevator at the very end. With someone else who was oddly calm.

Been: Those are the only two I recall as well. And yes, what about Elevator Dude? He said "I die all the time"!!!

Kirk: And he had the same weird calm about it that she did. That's the part that kind of stuck out to me there. I'm assuming it was supposed to stick out to us.

Been: Apart from that clear hook into the next episode, I really loved her guarding Horse the Homeless Guy's shoes this episode.

Kirk: You know, shoes are kind of underrated sometimes in just how important they are for the general getting around so, yeah, it kind of matches with her character. It's a very strange thing for someone to do but not necessarily strange for her to do.

Been: She also searched for Oatmeal again!

Kirk: That's true. She stumbled around drunkenly looking for her cat again.

Been: She also learned the building isn't haunted.

Kirk: I definitely feel that it might be something that will come up later in the series, the statement from the rabbi there that "buildings aren't haunted, people are". That definitely seems like that could be relevant and that could come up.

Been: She does seem, in every iteration, to be cleaning house somewhat. Like in this episode she finally let her ex go.

Kirk: That's true, it's interesting because she ends up in a weird space where she can do that without consequences, though. Because it's not like as the story's been presented so far anyways, that John will remember any of this.

Been: No, the memories definitely only stay with her. But then again, maybe that's the point. Maybe she needs to learn shit about her own chaos in order to move forward.

Kirk: Yeah it's an interesting point about, uh,.... I'm still waiting to see like where this story will go with the hook for like why the repetition? It might be interesting if it turns out that it's the things that haunt her kind of idea.

Been: I agree. I do think this series, as compared to Groundhog Day which is the only other mainstream comparison we have, this series seems to explore the personal growth and accountability side more-so than just "learn shit and be amusing" side.

Kirk: Yeah there' some other movie kind of Groundhog-like but I can't remember what it is (because I"m always good at those) but yeah it's... Groundhog Day was sort of about things happening TO a person and this is more about a person.

Been: Also she continues to be highly entertaining.

Kirk: Yeah, distinctly kind of chaotic and inappropriate but entertaining.

Been: She has a singular wit. In real life she'd be a nightmare friend but watching safely through the screen she's hilarious.

Kirk: Watching her be inflicted on other friends is hilarious. It's the old saying "it's funny because it's not me".

Been: So true! Oh! I just remembered Edge of Tomorrow is a movie like this. Where Tom Cruise learns how to be a hero or something? The best part of that movie was watching Emily Blunt off him every five minutes. Sorry not sorry.

Kirk: *laughs* Okay that part WAS good.

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