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Russian Doll S1E5: 'Superiority Complex'

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Been: Kirk, it has been SO LONG since we've had a Russian Cheese experience.

Kirk: Yeah, it turns out there was this minor global occurance... that impacted nothing but our television watching. Definitely.

Been: Oh for sure everything else has been business as usual.

Kirk: Hardly any changes, right?

Been: We're still, as far as I can tell though, only living the same one life.

Kirk: Although a lot of days over the last while have seemed to weirdly blur together. I don't think they're repeating, though.

Been: Okay, let's jump in with a death count for this episode.

Kirk: They both said fifteen at one point but I'm not sure if there was one or two after that.

Been: I'm not sure. I can't be sure. There was for sure at least one more after that. But she was blown up twice, shot once, and crushed by an air conditioner once.

Kirk: I think that's right, yeah.

Been: What do you think the revelations that Alan and her are dying the same number of times AT the same time means?

Kirk: There definitely seems to be some sort of linkage there. My first guess is actually that one of them is the primary motivator, so to speak; they keep dying and then something forces circumstances to cause the other one to die at the same time. And I think it's Alan somehow.

Been: So you think Alan is the mitigating factor in the deaths?

Kirk: Yeah I think whenever he dies, something causes her to die.

Been: Are there multiple universes left behind continuing the life they are cut out of after every death?

Kirk: I don't think so. Because there's been some odd instances of biological decay within their universe, within the same apparently repeated timeline.

Been: Like the fruit.

Kirk: The fruit and the fish, the fish came up in a previous episode as well.

Been: So everyone else is in stasis repeat, they're on continuous memory resurrection, and some biological elements are just continuing in linear time.

Kirk: Yeah, I think there's some amount of leakage happening. And I wouldn't be surprised if people started reacting differently somewhat unconsciously just based on things they had experienced in part of the loop.

Been: So you don't think it's entirely consequence free for her and Alan?

Kirk: I don't think so. That's just a guess, but...

Been: And where is the cat?

Kirk: Shit, the cat didn't show up this episode at all!

Been: I'm worried about the cat.

Kirk: And now I'm worried about the cat.

Been: What do you make of the of the blue pulsing black hole in her bathroom?

Kirk: Yeah, I got nothing. Well, it's probably some sort of a portal to a wooded area so that Bran and Osha--

Been: *puts her face in her hands*

Kirk: *laughs uproariously*

Been: .... I don't even know what to say to you right now.

Kirk: *still laughing*

Been: Though maybe it's a portal into John Malkovich's head.

Kirk: They could Malkovich the Malkovich.

Been: I just want the cat to be safe.

Kirk: Mmhmmm. That's something I didn't even remember from previous episodes and now I'm definitely concerned.

Been: Does the show feel more or less relevant now that we are living in Plague Times?

Kirk: Um, I think I'd say the weird loopy time is almost more relevant, like I said with days running together and all the rest of that. Um, lots of the activities they do look super weird now though.

Been: I know! The house party? SO CROWDED! NO MASKS!

Kirk: There's like a million people in there!

Been: But I do feel like time is either an endless loop or a flat circle right now.

Kirk: Yeah, that was a surprisingly salient part of that, actually. I didn't expect that but it fits to a certain degree.

Been: When will we watch the next episode?

Kirk: Every day is the same. A weekend?

Been: Okay, Saturday. A promise to all not-zero of our readers!

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