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Russian Doll S1E7: 'The Way Out'

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Been: Inexplicably we were reminded of 'Y'all Ready For This' and had to take a 2 Unlimited break before starting this recap. (KIDS GOOGLE IT.) But now... Kirk, give us a run down of what happened!

Kirk: Uh, a lot happened in this episode. Nadia started to see her younger self and generally die when she did so. Um, there was flashbacks to her mother and some of the interesting occurrences with her, and conversation about what was going on and the number of people around them that were just simply disappearing. Not directly mentioned mostly was also all of the stuff disappearing. It feels like this is all somehow linked into the odd organics rotting around them, mirrors disappearing, there's something very odd going on in their world. And I remained concerned for Oatmeal.

Been: That is a pretty succinct rundown. And we now sort of know why mirrors are involved due to Nadia's memory of her mother smashing a bunch of mirrors.

Kirk: I mean, there was too many mirrors in that house. Was her mom wrong? It was really weird exactly how many mirrors in that house. Maybe this whole series is about impossible beauty standards. Maybe these narcissists shouldn't be looking at themselves all the time.

Been: *takes a bong hit* Whoa man, that's deep. *coughs* OR KIRK, mirrors are a decor choice that both make a small space look larger and also intersperse beautifully with framed photographs for a certain aesthetic that some folks prefer.

Kirk: Mirrors don't make spaces look bigger. Like I've heard this claim before but I don't understand it. It just looks like a mirror. In fact because I've heard this before, it almost has the opposite effect of like now I know you're trying to compensate for something.

Been: Let me ask you a question, Kirk. What are the primary, secondary, and tertiary colours on the colour wheel?

Kirk: They're the primary, secondary, and tertiary colours, of course.

Been: Exactly. I won't question you on math and tech and you just learn to trust me on aesthetics and colour. Deal?

Kirk: It still definitely seems like it's unreasonable beauty standards.

Been: Does beauty explain the rotting fruit? And missing furniture?

Kirk: The rotting fruit is just an allegory for age and the decay of physical form.

Been: And the missing people are to suggest the fragility of mortality and how you lose those around you the longer you live?

Kirk: That's a good angle. I was thinking about the isolation caused by attempting to achieve those impossible beauty standards. Somewhat related to what Alan was saying about constantly striving in order to fill that hole within him.

Been: I could get behind this whole theory, actually, but I still don't understand why such a lesson only involves two people in all of New York.

Kirk: Alright, that one's harder to spin. That's... that's tricky. It's because her friend's apartment is far too large for New York.

Been: It's like three times the size of Monica and Rachel's apartment on FRIENDS and that apartment was insanely unaffordable in New York. And this apartment which is ostensibly lived in by one girl, is palatial! There's no way she can afford it! Mirrors and repeating deaths and rotting fruit aside, the most unbelievable aspect of this entire fucking show is how one girl affords a New York apartment that damn big.

Kirk: It's ridiculous and how many years ago was FRIENDS set versus now? So it's even MORE ridiculous.

Been: Yeah! Economy! Capitalism! No roommate! And also where is the fucking cat?

Kirk: Yeah... that's a concern.

Been: I mean I suppose we should be discussing the addressing and confrontation of suppressed childhood trauma and so on but....

Kirk: But it's so big!


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