Embassy Theatre Roof

Posted by  Been
January 12, 2006

When I'm bored at work... okay, scratch that. I'm never bored at work. When I'm stressed at work I like to run away and find a space where I can get my head in order, get some perspective, and return calm. I've found the best place is the roof. The roof overlooks pretty much the entire entertainment district of the city as well as a good portion of the harbour. It's utterly captivating. Especially now, when the sky is sunny and we're in the throes of summer.

I stand at the edge of the roof and survey my domain. That's how it feels. Like I'm surveying my domain. All this little gem of a city that I love so much spread out before me like a painting of something perfect and enticing and just off to the right the sparkling restless sea in it's curved shell of a harbour. The wind gusts here, it doesn't blow steadily, so the wind is forever pushing and huffing at me up there but it's sort of amusing. Like a puppy begging me to come off the roof and play.

I leave that roof refreshed every time. I wish you all could join me. I wish you could see it how I do - all laid out like a promise before me.

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