Empty Nest

Posted by  Been
August 16, 2006

Shall I let my hopes drift
into the grey clouds
as the curtain of night lifts into cool dawn?
You fly away
nesting bird called south for winter
leaving me to shiver alone
in the sharp sudden chill
And I hate the cold
Hopes fall
frozen into little cubes of ice
and clatter around my feet
here in the igloo of our love
I alone tend the fire
that has just now sputtered out
You spread wing
I dug in for hibernation
I raise my boot and stomp down
on all those little cubes
grind them into the snowy carpet
I see my breath now
with more clarity than I saw you
When you wheel back to summer me
this nest will be abandoned
just feathers and slivers of ice left
for you to settle into

Copyright Corinne Simpson

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