Posted by  Been
January 2, 2010

cw: violent imagery

There is a door

at the end of a red hallway

It has a blue handle

It has a yellow-tinted window

If you look through the window

you’ll see a field of grain

that stretches to the horizon

where a giant bloody sun

sinks forever but never sets

If you open the door

you first have to grab the handle

and it stings you with poison nettles

invisible and deadly

so that before the door is fully open

you drop to your knees

foam on your tongue

eyes rolling up in your head

and only your death throes take you across the threshold

The soil of the field of grain

will soak up your fluid

and the crows will eat your eyes

and the worms will devour your flesh

and the grain will grow

but the giant bloody sun will never set

Copyright Corinne Simpson

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