The Silence

Posted by  Been
April 4, 2006

For Adam

A long silence precedes
me Some days
it is enough to breathe
some days it is
not In the calm
before you I am the storm You were
I understood You understood
me Certainly I love you like
waves love the shore or poets
love words Enough
it is enough to breathe
but not without you Life is beautiful
I don't believe them
unless words confirm it I am
the silence I preceded
you these last three years I was your silence
you were my truth
I can't
be the calm I am only the storm
you are the eye You tell me
you are the storm I don't believe you I believe
you are the calm And the silence
preceded us And
the silence was us Then we stretched
shore to waves to shore and life was
silence You understood and I was
understood Even in silence life was beautiful Now
I love you some days
it is enough
to be understood Some days
it is enough
to breathe in the calm and the storm
of words that brought us
here Some days it is enough
just to be
with you

Copyright Corinne Simpson

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