This Thing I Have Become

Posted by  Been
January 2, 2010

This thing I have become

prowls around outside me at night

and observes me asleep


written across it’s features

It has a future

full of glittering promise

and it hates that I am so low

and I refuse to leave

It cannot be without me

but it will not be content

as long as I remain

what I am

This thing I have become

is restless

it wants the world it was promised

at my birth

and the limits of here

and now

do not matter to it’s ambition

I could conquer it

or I could let it win

I haven’t decided

and so it lives within

but is not me

and when it escapes it’s angry

and when it’s inside it’s a fever

It can’t be bought

it won’t be hushed

I will live

or die

by it’s will

This thing

I have become this thing

I have become

Copyright Corinne Simpson

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