Fifteen Lines from LOTR Improved by Substituting One Word with 'Pants'

Posted by  Been
October 20, 2006

Fifteen Lines from The Lord of the Rings Improved by Substituting One Word with "Pants"

Witch King: Do not come between the Nazgul and his pants.

Elrond: You're outnumbered, Aragorn. You need more pants.

Gothmog: The Age of pants is over. The Time of the Orc has come.

Witch King: Feast on his pants.

Gandalf: Not at the towers! Aim for the pants! Kill the pants! Bring them down!

Gimli: Bad Idea. Very handy in a tight pants, these lads, despite the fact they're dead.

Aragorn: I have wished you pants since first I saw you.

Aragorn: I do not fear pants.

Gimli: Certainty of death. Small chance of pants. What are we waiting for?

Legolas: The pants are restless, and the men are quiet.

Gimli: They had no pants in life. They have none now in death.

Aragorn: Behold! The pants of Elendil!

Sam: Then let us be rid of pants... once and for all.

Elrond: I give pants to men.

Legolas: Something stirs in the East. A pantsless malice.

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