Game of Thrones S3E3

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Been: Good old Edmure Tully is gonna shoot us straight into your prediction tally with stunning accuracy, right Kirk?

Kirk: Eeeehhhhh sort of. Well, there were predictions and I made them. Uh, let's see. I said the Theon story would continue with someone purportedly sent there by his sister. He got away on a horse and was sent towards quote/unquote his sister but never saw her. Suspicious. I said Bran, Osha, and the Reeds would do warg-y things in the woods. That's a miss. That's the first arrow right into the water. I had totally wishy-washy things about Arya that are not a miss or a hit. I said Mister Fetch would show up which I count as a success. Uh, I said that him and Mance would see the Night's Watch that are retreating. Not exactly a success but along the same thread. That arrow was really close to the boat. I said that Dany would show up and speak the language: that arrow is still in the air. Uh, I said Grandma Tyrell would show up and betray Sansa. Neither showed up, that arrow is still in the air. Stannis the Petulant did show up. I said Melisandre might be in his place. He was petulant. I didn't make a firm enough prediction to really call that a miss or a hit. I talked about Jaime and Brienne and how they were gonna stab some people on the bridge. That arrow missed that boat by a long ways. That was about it for predictions.

Been: In consolation you have a slightly better hit ratio than Edmure Tully.

Kirk: Such a low bar, though! I mean he was zero for three.

Been: Okay we had wolf bread this episode!

Kirk: Yes! True story.

Been: What flavor do you think it was?

Kirk: I'm gonna go with it was just bread actually. I don't think it was even flavored.

Been: Okay, who's the mystery dude who quote/unquote freed Theon?

Kirk: No idea, did not recognize him at all. I hope I didn't see him in the series before. Because if I have I sure forgot.

Been: When Dany says she's gonna pay with a dragon, what does she mean?

Kirk: As discussed during the episode she's gonna pay with the business end of the dragon. I'm gonna make a bold prediction. She's gonna hold to the agreement and pay with the dragon then sack the whole city with her new army and take the dragon back. Because it's not like they're gonna have an army left at that point, right?

Been: Jaime's hand.

Kirk: I mean everyone always said he was a damn hand with a sword. I guess you really gotta hand it to him. *laughs* *laughs more*

Been: I'd like to point out I made a pun during this episode.

Kirk: It's true you did and I appreciated it. I believe it was fucking amazing.

Been: What's Pod's secret to sex?

Kirk: Um, I'm torn here. Because I feel that there's a possibility he has some actual secret. There's also a possibility he just left, took the gold with him, and made up the whole story.

Been: Do you understand the deeper meaning of chair placement in Westeros now?

Kirk: Um, I would have been busy yelling during that meeting about how stupid that juvenile game was and how we had real things to do.

Been: Okay, okay, let's get down to predicting.

Kirk: Ooooh. Well, Bran, Osha, and the Reeds: warg-y things in the woods. Eventually. Arya is going to free I think it's the Hound they have in custody with her. I think. Um, Mister Fetch is going to end up back outside of the uh, *snaps fingers*, uh the wall, the castle on the wall. They're probably going to run into some walkers first, though. Uh dangit, whats-her-face that captured him may end up going with him. I think they'll be in the next episode because they're still trying to make fetch happen. Uh, like I said Daenerys will use the slaves to take the city and take her dragon back. Hmmmm. Grandma Tyrell is going to pass some information to Joffrey or Cersei that's going to be problematic for Sansa. Sansa might get out with Littlefinger at about the same time. That'd be good dramatic tension. Uh, Theon will I think run into his sister. I think. Maybe. Ooooh I think Melisandre will be gone for a couple of episodes and Stannis the Petulant will pretty much like degrade. I think for also dramatic tension that Jaime and Brienne may not show up in the next episode and they'll make us wait. Uh, Tyrion will go to talk to Tywin about all of the borrowed money. Tywin I think will dismiss it and claim it's not a problem. I think that's it.

Been: In regards to the borrowed money, is this the first time we've heard of this Iron Bank of Braavos?

Kirk: There was conversation like last season about borrowing money but I think it was all from the Lannisters. In summary, I think so, yes.

Been: Is the debt gonna become a major player?

Kirk: Yeah, I think so later. King's Landing may end up in some kind of default. And they may threaten to or actually fund Dany.

Been: And Littlefinger in the Vale. Is this a problem that we know of?

Kirk: I just assume everything with Littlefinger will be a problem. He's going to show up, try to smooth talk some people, and then stab them in the back. I also feel during the episode he talked a lot about someone was positively predisposed to him? He's absolutely getting shot down. Someone may in fact laugh in his face.

Been: Did you learn any new names this episode?

Kirk: Yes.

Been: Care to share with the group?

Kirk: I'm going to terribly mispronounce it but Aidwin? Edwin? The tool who could not shoot the bow. No one else I remember, so probably more.

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